We have a thousand reasons why we like November. First, because we are devoted fans of the excursions in search of mushrooms, of chestnuts and nuts by the fire; of the tan of trees and of autumn baths that the station has given us this year. But for us, it is also a month of recollection and a looooot of work.
With Christmas around the corner, we had a very intense few weeks of planning and working on the creation of new models, new partnerships and a huge amount productions to last us through the holidays! You might say: Yes, well, but…what’s new? Well, (and this is very important) WE HAVE THE WEB!!! Ueeeeee!!! Due to logistic issues, we still can’t link it with the domain “” displayed in our new business cards (yes, we have internationalized a little) but the content of the web is the same. There are still some details, such as the translation into Catalan and English, but as the French say, “petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.” For now, you can find us where you always could, at
Take a look and see what you think! In other news, KURTIK is already an OSLO brand!!! Excellent!! We are very happy to be in this project creative adventures project, and you should know that very soon we will make a very cool post about OSLO by those who still do not may know of this very stylish Gràcia space. Moreover, we are also preparing for the Vic Medieval Market, the Fantastic Market, Sant Cugar’s Kings Fair, and some other surprises.
And finally … ATTENTION! Very soon, we’ll publish a special Christmas promotion for all our fans. Stay tuned!! And given that we have worked so hard these days, we decided to reward ourselves with a holiday to charge us batteries and get tanned and beautiful for Christmas. Because, as you all know, the best inspiration comes in the countryside!! Can anyone guess where? It begins with an “F” and ends with an “A” …



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