Kurtik Leather

We are a young brand of leather accessories inspired by nature, focusing on organic and functional designs intended for day-by-day living. We believe in timeless and sustainable fashion beginning at responsible production: Handmade, locally and with minimal environmental impact, without sacrificing the natural, simple elegance of casual fashion. Our goods are made to be enjoyed at any time and by people from all walks of life. We offer a wide array of high-quality leather goods, with designs ranging from classic to original, lighthearted and with burnished colors.

All of our leather products are made one by one at our workshop in Barcelona from genuine, high-quality leather. Most of our leathers come from factories in Igualada and are tanned with chrome-free plant extracts; providing our products with a unique, natural look.


  • CRAFTSMANSHIP. 100% handmade and small-scale products.
  • QUALITY. Pieces worked with fine leathers and careful execution.
  • EXCLUSIVE. Own original design adapted to all profiles.
  • MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Through the use of chrome-free vegetable-based leather-tanning.
  • VARIETY. We work with authentic leathers from cows, goats, deer and sheep offering a wide range of products with different colors, finishes and textures.
  • LOCAL PRODUCTION. 100% made in Catalonia