At Kurtik, we believe in quality, not quantity. We produce at a small scale because we defend the human value of handmade crafting; pampering each piece and respecting natural production times. We’re in no hurry to give our pieces a premature expiration, as we like to contemplate the beauty of the history of objects that, like leather or a good wine, gain character with age.


We work with authentic and real leathers. And so, we accept small color variations or irregularities that match the nature of the skin. Most of our leathers are tanned with chrome-free plant extracts and are proudly obtained from Igualada, a catalan locality with a long tradition in tanneries. Among the various tanning methods, vegetable tanning is the most traditional and the most recognisable, it is the only form of tanning that is able to give leather unique characteristics, retaining the natural flaws and markings. Raw materials used for vegetable tanning are natural tannins, available in liquid or powder form, obtained from different part of plants including woods, barks, fruits, fruit pods and leaves so it is also the most environmental-friendly method. It is able to join comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility in the product.

Leather goods crafted by hand

vegetal-tanning leather by kurtik